Three recent criminal acts at the Dallas Zoo have alarmed officials, including the theft of two emperor tamarins that were later recovered. And it’s not the only zoo under threat.

Photograph taken in Manu National Park, Peru by Charlie Hamilton James
NatGeo photo
Celebrated writer Salman Rushdie reminds us that the wonder of India’s iconic Taj Mahal transcends time—and tourist hordes
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Photographer Craig Cutler only had three chances over three days to get this image of a prototype that may someday help detect signs of life in the universe.
Later today, a visitor from the solar system’s frigid outermost regions will come within 26 million miles of Earth: a ball of ice and dust that will glow in our skies with an emerald gleam.
The dragon mantis is so good at hiding, no one knows its population size
In the early 1900s, historian Carter G. Woodson led the fight for a holiday that would promote Black achievements—and counter racist stereotypes.
One-size-fits-all dietary recommendations don’t reflect how differently people respond to the food they eat. But an ambitious new study may allow experts to finally tailor their recommendations for different people based on genes, microbes, and lifestyle.
A garden of delicate coral is sheltered from storms by a nearby peninsula in Kimbe Bay, New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea NatGeo photo