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Ben Meehan
3 months ago
The recent upgrade to 4.01 required the short code to be upgraded; a process that is relatively straightforward. However, there was a conflict on our site with another plugin, and we reached out for technical support which was not only instantly forthcoming, but involved logging in and adding some custom CSS to our site. The plugin is now working perfectly again, but this level of support is rare enough and very much appreciated. It's only fair to let others know when excellent service is experienced and this was excellent support service.
استثمار أموال
5 months ago
Jordanne Morris
8 months ago
The support team were so quick to help me with my query over a payment, and immediately refunded me when they saw I was not currently using the product due to changes with my business. Really great support, and would go back to them in the future... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Jessie Edwards
1 year ago
Incredible and fast support!!!
Karim Rave
2 years ago
Super plugin for embedding Photos from a Facebook Page to your Wordpress website. Customer Service is outstanding, thank you! 👍🎉
Christian Macek
2 years ago
Fast and friendly support.
Birgit West
2 years ago
Great customer service! Responded very promptly with info that helped me get my IG feed back! Problem wasn't with them, was just a temporary glitch.
Matt Stepchuk
3 years ago
Great Solution for Revelstoke Humane Society. Perfect website integration tool for non-technical volunteers adding pics/descriptions of animals for adoption without having to update our website.
Amanda Rose
3 years ago
It IS slick! I am using it to pull the Instagram feed onto a WP page
AK Morg
3 years ago
Easy to use product and great support!
Steve Benthal
3 years ago
Great plugin, you shouldn't need support but if you do they are great!
Ralph Mickey
3 years ago
I use their FeedThemSocial and it is great.
Steffi Schaefer
3 years ago
Incredible support and very friendly team!
Kimxoa Vo
4 years ago
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