Come compete for your share of a $1000 prize pool in our open qualifiers on Monday June 12th! Top 40 Duos will qualify for Finals on June 13th!

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⛓️ https://t.co/5FcZyDTRAy https://t.co/aMXEDrj9UN
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oh hey, we hit 4,000 followers!

i guess we'll run a $1000 Fortnite Tournament to celebrate next week 🤷‍♂️
$450 on the line tonight for our weekly Rocket League Trios event!

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⛓️ https://t.co/0BaupLZiwE https://t.co/hAEn46B3ZM
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Thought we were finished after Dreamhack? Absolutely not! Back to business tomorrow night with $40 PER GAME Scrims in the Stride Discord!

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https://t.co/5FcZyDTRAy https://t.co/8VyIqcW5jd
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Proud of the guys for their work this weekend. On to bigger and better things. https://t.co/MorgbRlqqE esports_stride photo